Types of Industrial Battery Chargers and Uses

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Orizen Group - one of the leading industrial battery charger suppliers in South Africa with more than 18 years of reputation. This company offers Micropower high-frequency battery chargers which are ideal for industrial use. As we all know that industrial battery chargers are used to charge big size batteries and at the same time offer DC output.

In order to stabilize the performance of a battery, chargers for industrial batteries play a vital role. However, there are times when an industrial vehicle requires high performance chargers that can reduce iorrect or inadequate Amp charging. Thanks to the latest battery innovation where we get a superb condition of charging in the best manner.

High frequency charger and automotive chargers are the ideal choices for forklifts, as it offers high amount of energy, longer battery life, lower heat generation, less consumption of water, less in weight and reduced height.

Orizen Group is one of the top Micropower industrial battery charger suppliers certified in offering LION chargers, automotive battery charger and high-frequency chargers. The chargers are essentially execution based created with MOSFET structure which aides in precise changing over of AC capacity to DC power levels for most extreme proficiency over 90% making them practical. This additionally empowers the battery to have a more extended future which can be impeccably appropriate for applications joined with ionic blending and adaptable charging to guarantee to charge of the additional battery.

Features of Industrial Charger:

  • Consist of AC input circuit breaker
  • AC and DC surge protection up to 5000 volts.
  • Automatic Equalize Control automatically places charger in float mode after an AC power failure or charger shutdown
  • Over-current/Overload: 125% for 2 hours
  • Overvoltage
  • Over temperature control
  • Input and Output MOVs

Some of the best uses of industrial battery are:

  • The chargers are developed in a manner which conveys for most extreme usability, are light-weighted and low volume, and can withstand exceptionally high vibrations, brutal and tropical condition.
  • Battery chargers for industrial use can be controlled by all ordinarily existing mains voltages with least limits extending from 10kW up to 13kW alongside altered energizing to manufacture a ground-breaking bunch of wanted limit.
  • The charging system of the chargers is intended for a wide range of Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium batteries.
  • Micropower Access scope of chargers have the interesting element of speaking with different chargers through a radio handset which at last streamlines the all out utilization intensity of the battery armada. Micropower additionally bargains in Battery Monitor Unit which goes about as an observation to screen the battery status and other related data.

Orizen offers rough high-current battery chargers to meet the entirety of your high-current modern charging applications. Our standard battery charger incorporates a battery eliminator, skim and balance alterations, manual even out the clock, programmed shutdown and restart under an assortment of deficiency conditions, low wave, and paralleling ability. Choices incorporate PC interface, release capacity, DC electrical switch, temperature pay circuit and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


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