Here at NWCE Food Service Equipment, we are always looking for ways to help save you time and money. That is why we offer a range of bakery installation services alongside our breakdown cover and service and maintenance plans. 

We not only deal with the essential bakery appliances such as convection ovens, mixers and proving storage, we also work with a range of catering equipment, as well as refrigeration and ventilation systems. Our engineers have years of experience and they are able to deal with an extensive range of equipment belonging to different brands. Our engineers have even worked with specialist restaurants and installed food equipment such as pizza ovens and meat slicers.

Our motto within the company is that prevention is better than cure, however we understand that your working life doesn’t flow that easily. So put your trust in us for your bakery equipment sales and installations!

So contact us now to get more information on the commercial bakery sales & installation  Call us on 0161 764 8688 or email [...]


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