Data Collection Methods in Health Research Service - Pubrica

ราคา: 1,000 GBP/Hour
บริเวณ/เพื่อนบ้าน: Miic Unit 52 56, Greenheys Business Centre, Pencroft Way, Manchester, England, M15 6 Jj, Uk

Pubrica makes your data more meaningful and provides all the valuable information out client’s require to train, build and test machine learning algorithms through audio, video, image, and text annotation services. Pubrica linguistic experience and international project execution enable us to efficiently tackle data labeling, tagging and analysis tasks in different languages and locations. Out data annotation and tagging experts have extensive experience in semantic annotation of text, sentiment analysis, speech and background noises, object recognition in videos and images, gesture and facial expressions, detection of named entities, handwriting analysis, and much more.

Pubrica Healthcare
 Pubrica Healthcare

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