Personal Assistant/apprentice Needed

I am  Engineer Nicolas a local business owner looking to hire a personal assistant/apprentice that will work out of my new office i am planing to open soon after the covid -19 resolved. This is for a Part-time paid position, ideally for someone that is really motivated and looking to grow and possibly become partner in future projects. I own a few businesses that range in different industries and location , but your main job will be in an office doing calls, running errands, learning some of my trade and taking some of the workload that I do off my shoulders. 

This job will involve some travel later on once I get to trust you and you will end up flying to different states to conduct business on my behalf or even with me. This position is open to anyone that is willing to put in the time, effort and energy into helping me grow my businesses. I don’t care if you are out of high school or just graduated college, I want someone that is MOTIVATED and someone that will earn every dollars they make.

I am willing to teach you the job---the one area that I look for is someone who is strongly organized and is ready to work hard every day.
Send your resume with your email address and contact information.

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