Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale

Bölge/Çevre: Marrakech, Marrakech Safi

Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale also known as Rassul is a reddish brown clay which is rich in natural minerals uses for both skin and hair protection. It originates from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. However, due to its organic mineral properties, it is perfect to use for cleansing both skin and hair. It is an oxidant clay and best to hydrate your skin. Moroccans have been using this rich mineral clay for many years. Moreover, this supplies in shales and in pieces called plaquettes that dissolve in water.

As it is rich in mineral components, it easily attracts dirt, pollution, impurities and simply arisen away with Luke warm water. Certainly turn your face and hair feeling awesome, by removing impurities, give an amazing look!

Buy Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale clay at Oriental Group and get 100% pure product that has been used by Moroccan people for hundreds of years.

However, lets your face and hair be thankful to you, directly from its source!

Moreover, Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale oil is very gentle, sun-dried and organic product. As there are many benefits of using this clay, some of them are as follows:

•    Using this clay for your sensitive skin is the best treatment

•    First of all, this clay is best for deep cleansing of skin

•    It repairs your hairs and give them silky look

•    Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale detoxifies your skin properly

•    Furthermore, conditioning your damage, rough hairs

•    It protects your skin and hair and nourish them

•    Rassul clarifies and increase elasticity of hairs and skin

•    Another benefit is it treats eczema, psoriasis and acne gently

We offer you 100% pure and original Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale clay at the best price. We don’t mix anything in it and provide you with the organic product directly from its origin.

Furthermore, this amazing clay is daily use by customers to protect their skin. It’s not only useful for damage skin, but also repairs rough, dry, crack skin easily.

Above all are the highlighted benefits of using Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale clay. It protects skin and hair from damages. Similarly, there are also many other benefits of using this clay. Some of them are as follows:

•    The Moroccan Bulk Ghassoul Wholesale uses as a daily cleanser instead of using artificial soaps.

•    It can also use as face scrub when mixing with other ingredients like almonds, oats etc.

•    This clay is used as a natural home spa for softens your skin. It helps in overcoming dead skin cells.

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