The Ultimate Travel Guide To Geneva


In this Geneva travel guide, we are sharing a few significant travel tips and guidelines which will be very helpful for an enjoyable and exciting trip.

Travel Tips - The city is well served by Geneva international airport as well as well-connected by Geneva airport railway station.

Located right in the middle of the city, It is one of the largest lakes in Europe and the star show of geneva that makes the city a lovely place to visit and explore You will witness the unmatched backdrop of the snow-covered Alps of this 224 square mile lake formed by Rhone River.

Take Free Public Transport - When you land up in Geneva and make a booking with accommodation weather in hotel or hostel, you are entitled to get the Geneva transport card for free through which you can use any public transportation for free during your stay including buses, trams, trains or taxi.

Situated on Lake Geneva, Geneva is the best place to consider for high-end shopping, dining and exploring some of the best tourist attractions from Old Town to museums.

So, next time when are thinking of visiting Geneva, Switzerland and quite confused about all the necessary stuff and information, read this Geneva travel guide and plan your itinerary.

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