5 Things To Do In Girona

Girona is a beautiful Spanish city that comes with a rich history. Its medieval architecture, fascinating museums, and walled towns are witnesses to its historical achievements. This is also the only city in Spain with a Jewish quarter. The city has faced many attacks and sieges in the past and that’s the reason behind the fortification around the city. These forts can be seen in several movies and series. One of the recent shoots that happened here was of Game of Thrones. The grey stone streets depicted in the game of thrones were none other than the streets of Girona. 

Along with being historically rich, the city is also enriched by two rivers River Onyar and river Ter. The river passes right between the lands of Girona and you will also find many bridges connecting two sides of the land. It’s because of these rivers that Girona has homes with hanging structures. All you will need is a day or two to explore Girona. Tourists consider it as a day trip from Barcelona and Costa. You can hire a Girona private chauffeur and enjoy the medieval view of the city.

Girona is located right between Barcelona and Costa. So, whether you are in Barcelona or Costa, it’s a must to visit this charming city in Spain. If you prefer to book a Girona chauffeur service, it would take approximately one hour to reach your destination. The same goes when you are traveling from costa to Girona by a chauffeur service Girona, it would take approximately two hours. Given that the Girona airport transfer services are top-notch, you do not have to worry about being late or stuck in traffic. Your comfort is the priority of airport transfer Girona service providers and they are ready to make that extra effort to keep you comfortable and relaxed on the road. 

Book your Girona airport limousine in advance to ensure a no-delay transportation.


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