Solar Garden Lamp

The use of solar street lamps for garden has brought great benefits to us and maximized the use of energy. Based on the principle of solar energy and optical angle, our company has designed a series of high-end garden lamp post solar lights. The customers can choose different products in different scenarios, such as solar powered vintage garden lamp, warm white solar garden lights, solar victorian garden lamp post lanterns, etc.


The Advantages of Solar Garden Lamp

1. Passing rain test test

2. Using lithium battery, long life

3. With Independent research and development of controller, which make solar street lamps for garden efficient and intelligent


The Features of Solar Garden Lamp

The shell of solar street lamp for garden adopts private mold design, one-piece molding, strong pressure resistance, IP65 waterproof. There are three installation angles that can be selected to better the lighting effect of the pretty solar garden light. We offer customers with small, big and extra large sizes of solar garden lamps. 


Popular Solar Lights and Solar Power System


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Shenzhen Second Sun Lighting Limited is a professional solar power system manufacturer, we provide solar lamp, warm solar garden lights, white solar garden lights, solar garden lamp, solar street lights for sale and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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