How to Adapt a Sofa to the Living Room?


What is the Difference Between Sofa and Living Room?

  Find out what are some simple living room alternatives that explain the different types of sofas and will turn you into an expert in no time.

   The origin of the word sofa is French – the word 'coucher' means to lie down. So unsurprisingly, the word is predominantly used to describe a piece of furniture that you can lie down on (rather than just sit). Sofas usually cater to two or three people.

   In terms of features, sofas can have two armrests (or none at all) and are tapered in the back to allow for pillows. They usually have an inner frame covered with fabric and can also be produced with springs. The word sofa comes from the Arabic word 'suffah', which means a wooden or stone bench covered with pillows. Sofas often refer to furniture in which you sit rather than lie down.

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