Drum Lessons Brussels Hd Studio 1160 Bxl.

قیمت: 40 EUR/گھنٹہ وار
علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Auderghem ( Demey Subway )

HD Studio 1160 Brussels.

( Beginners Welcome - Flexible Schedules ) !!!

Drum, guitar and bass lessons are taught in the studio.

From your very first class, you will immediately receive personalized help and supportin an ideal infrastructure, while using professional equipment.

Paul Hamesse, drum teacher.

Taught by musicians with great professional experience, the lessons are destined to all, including beginners. Focus is on practice, modern techniques, recreational playing for youngsters, as well as advanced coaching for advanced drummers, guitarists and bass players.

Lessons are taught all year long, the schedule being set according to your availabilities. They can be taught on a fixed and regular basis or can be occasional, always by appointment.
A lesson lasts one hour.

Prices :

* Individual lessons 35euros.
* 10 lessons card 325euros.
* Preferential prices for students.
* Group lessons ( 2 drummers, 4 drummers max ) or Bands lessons ( + bassist, guitarist…) 22euros / hour.

HD Studio Drum hamesse
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 HD Studio Drum hamesse
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