Shinobue Japanese flute lesson in Brussels & Online

قیمت: 45 EUR/گھنٹہ وار
علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Merode


The shinobue is a flute used in street music but also on the occasion of sophisticated artistic performances for example for Kabuki.Traditionally, Japanese music is learned orally by shoga (onomatopoeic song). During the lesson you will also experience this learning method.



- For beginners we start with breathing technique and body relaxation

- Learning the notation (for shinobue)

- shinobue and Japanese music basic knowledge 

- learning simple melodies 


It seems difficult to get those traditional flutes. Please rest assured that I will help you to choose and to get the instrument even outside of Japan. 


1 pay per lesson - 60 minutes 

Do you want just one lesson for some advice? Then you can take this "1 pay per lesson"  

​Regular lesson- 60 min Do you want to have regular lessons on your rhythm? Then you can choose one of those course 

From 1 to 3 lessons 60  minutes  per month 




Student feedback

Already a few years ago I was searching the internet for a shinobue teacher.. I wanted to join the local Kagura autumn festival dance and music group. I found Nozomi Kanda's  page and videos. I was happily surprised she was playing, western classical music, contemporary music and also Japanese music. I send her a mail out of the blue and she kindly agreed to teach me,primarily via skype. A dream came true.  

Due to Nozomi's knowledge of western and Japanese  music culture, it is  always very inspiring for me to learn from her. Eventually, II could become a member of the Kagura group.and I hope to be able to play some contemporary music too in the near future. By studying the shinobue, I  can deepen my knowledge, insight and  experience of Japanese traditional crafts and arts. Nozomi, Thank you very much. 

(Japanese paper craftsman / Shikoku - Japan)

I started the shinobue course 9 months ago. After several classes, I mastered the basic techniques under Nozomi's patient teaching. I started playing several scores with the other students. Together, we participated in a show at the end of the year. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share the delicate sound of shinobue with others. In the future, I wish I could always carry my flute on vacation. I will become a nomadic flutist! :) 

(office worker / Paris - France)


After three years of Shinobue, I only play that now. As a classic classical flutist, I devote myself fully to shinobue now, which I practice with taiko and koto, or accompany Awa dance.

What I appreciate in this instrument is its raw and authentic side, but also the melodies, whether traditional or contemporary. The teaching Nozomi gives me is precious, serious and relaxed at the same time. Everything happens there: breathing, breathing technique, play, posture, attitude; a complete course that culminates at the end of the year in a concert where percussion, stringed instruments and shinobue mix, the ideal moment to share serenely our annual work in a friendly atmosphere.

I can only encourage you, musicians, curious, music lovers of all kinds, to discover this wonderful instrument, and this wonderful teacher

(Student / Paris - France)

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