Wholesale car Wash Kit new car washing tools product for car

Car wash kit is a new type of car care brush that integrates water spray, cleaning and wiping. It is a good helper for car glass cleaning ,leather cleaning and plastic scratch polishing, defogging and self-server car wash


Microfiber tech: just water, super cleaning power.

Deep cleaning: detergent-free, magic cleaning sponge.

Multifunction: 3 in 1, spray + clean + wiper


Intimate Combination - The brush comes with a spray bottle, 3 triangular magic sponges,

2 oval melamine sponges, 2 fiber cloths and a silicone wiper.

The car wash kit with melamine brush is the perfect combination of products to give any first-timer, hardcore enthusiast, or professional detailer the perfect car wash every time.


Application: Deep cleaning for car,car wash, glass cleaning, leather cleaning, wheel cleaning, dust, defoge, scratch polishing, etc.


Note: Melamine sponge cannot be used to car paint cleaning.

lfsponge lifenano
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