Electric Bike Brake Parts

About electric cycle brake system we all supply,include Electric bicycle caliper,Electric bicycle master cylinder,electric bike brakes lever,e bike hydraulic brakes disc and Electric bicycle brake pads.we can also supply customized brake system,just need customer supply samples or drawings.Our customized brake product ,It can not only meet the performance requirements of customers, but also meet the personalized requirements of customers.After 20 years of intensive cultivation, customers are absolutely assured of the quality of our products.


Different Types of Electric Bike Brake Parts


Electric Bicycle Caliper

The caliper body is entirely machined from billet metal, while ultra-precise FEM analysis has been used to optimize both weight and stiffness. The caliper comes complete with sintered pads - the state of the art in braking technology currently available on the market.


Electric Bicycle Master Cylinder

We have a wide range of Electric bicycle master cylinders, and can also be customized according to customer needs.


Electric Bicycle Brake Rotor Disc

A wide variety of products, if you need to customize, you can provide samples at the same time you need to pay the mold fee.


Electric Bicycle Brake Lever

Diversified styles, can meet the various needs of customers, customized customers need to pay the mold fee.


Advantages of Electric Bicycle Spare Part


Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts are of superior quality.


Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts are tough and dependable.


Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts include longer warranties.


Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts can save you money.

FAQ about Electric Bicycle Spare Part

QHow do I know if it fits my Electric bicycle?


We will send samples to customers for trial installation to make sure that the samples can meet their requirements.


QWhat is your return policy?

QI found a part I want. Can you get it for me?

QDo you ship? I live far away from here.


Jingpo is a bike brake manufacturers, we provide bicycle brake lever parts, electric bike with hydraulic brakes. Want to know more? Contact us.

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