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Buy Solar Products Online from anywhere in India & Save your monthly electricity bill Upto 100%

Electricity comes in our basic necessity to manage our work. It is also require running all the available electric appliances in our home but monthly electricity bill cost us high.

Why don’t you sift to solar? Solar is a sustainable & green energy source which provides us pollution free energy solution for long term. It helps us to save on our monthly electricity bill upto 100% till 25 years without any hassle.

Go solar to avoid your high electricity bills & Buy any solar products online from India’s 1st solar eCommerce marketplace which is serving more than 100+ leading solar brands & 1700+ Solar, IoT & EV (electric Vehicles) products online by

Major products categories which we have -  Solar system for home, solar rooftop kit, solar water pump, solar water heater, solar garden light, solar streetlight, Solar panel, Solar mobile charger, Solar module, Solar backpack, Solar battery, Solar inverter, Solar e rickshaw, Solar Petrol Pump Solution, Electric scooter, Electric cycles, Electric charging station, Solar home lighting system, Solar fridge, Solar refrigerator etc.

Buy solar products online | Get assured subsidy | Financing support | Installation support | Upto 25 years product warranty etc.


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 Indiago solar
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