Tata Myst Kasauli Eco Luxury Home

قیمت: 20,000,000 INR

Tata presents its unimaginable project in India named as Tata Myst located at Kasauli. This is the first residential project ever in India which is creatively designed biophilic architecture. It's a methodology that takes you very close to the immaculate nature of Kasauli hills, while providing you all the luxury to live your life at its best.
This high class gated communal has been shaped by Llewellyn Davies Yeang, the world’s leading expert in sustainable design. Located on a high cape, Myst combines modern design perfectly with the exclusive ecology of the area. Sprawling mountain views, ethnic plants, clean air and a series of small waterfalls becomes a part of the living experience that adds a new feature to luxury living.
The result isn't just architecturally skilled - it’s a way of living in accord with natural splendor that is both pleasing and viable. The way of approaching a luxury is more sensitive than ever and more progressed in the proclamation it makes about those who opt to reside here.

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