علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Dahiya Abdulla Al Salem

1) For Sale Items Include:

a) 2 Three Seater Couches Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 244cm X 96 cm X H 130 cm
b) 1 Four Seater Couches; Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height): 297cm X 96cm X 130 cm

c) 2 Corner Marble Tables; Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height): 59 cm X 59 cm X44 cm

d) 1 Big Marble Table; Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height): 103 cm X 103 cm X 54cm 

2) More Pictures are avaliable 

3) The Bronze furniture set price is 850 KWD however negotiable within reason
4) Furniture set is 10 years old; is in very good condition 

5) The Furniture is storage and is packaged and is ready to be delivered 

6) Free Delivery 

7) Video of Furniture set is available to serious buyers 

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