Interested in online group English lessons?

قیمت: 12 EUR/گھنٹہ وار
علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Marsascala


My name is Leila and I offer online group English lessons.

- Groups consist of between 2-4 students


- Lesson duration is 1 hour


- Each lesson is charged at €12.50


- In these lessons we focus on speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and pronunciation


- Lessons take place on the following days/at the following times:

Monday - 5-6pm - A2/B1 (elem/int)


Tuesday - 5-6pm - B1/B2 (int/upper-int)


Wednesday - 5-6pm - B2/C1 (upper int/adv)


Thursday - 5-6pm - Academic IELTS preparation (with a focus on speaking and writing sections).


I am from England and have been teaching English for over 17 years to all ages and levels. I have a degree in English language/literature and am CertTESOL qualified. 


So who wants to learn English in a fun and engaging way with a teacher who is qualified and experienced?


If the answer is 'ME!', then please email me at [...] for more details.


Hope to see you soon! :-)

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