Italian tuitions in Malta

Italian language course offers the perfect combination of vacation and culture:

the teacher is an italian speaker with academic preparation skills
my method allows you to learn in a fast and effective manner
art, culture, relax and lots of fun
certified quality
With my program, you will have the opportunity to learn Italian.

I am pleased to offer the following Italian Language Courses:

-Italian private lessons for beginners;

-Italian private lessons for advanced students;

-Italian private lessons for conversation;

-Italian private lessons for foreigners;

- Italian private lessons for adults;

- One-to-One Tuition for O-Level exam preparation;

- One-to-One Tuition for A-Level exam preparation;

- One-to-One Tuition for the exam preparation;

- Italian private lessons for Business;

- Italian private lessons for Tourism and Service;

- Italian private lessons for Travelling; 

Lessons are held individual or group tuitions by skype or zoom.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.


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