Shipping cars to Africa from The Netherlands

قیمت: 495 EUR/ماہانہ

Anyone who wants to send his car from The Netherlands to Africa, can contact Masalin Global Trading in Amsterdam. My services are fast, cheap and transparent. My experience allows me to offer a truly high-quality, flexible customer service at competitive prices.

I offer the best price in The Netherlands :-

PKW - 13 cbm, max. 1,70m H

Lagos                 €495,-
Conakry             €495,-
Dakar                 €495,-
Abidjan               €450,-
Lomé                  €370,-
Takoradi             €410,-
Banjul                 €595,-
Douala               €395,-
Cotonou             €320,-
Luanda               €695,-
Monrovia            €695,-
Casablanca        €450,-
TUNIS                 €650,-
ALEXANDRIA     €550,-

For more information about price flexibility and options, please contact Masalin Global Trading in Amsterdam.

Whatsapp: +31687408017
Mobile: +31615552783


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