Esp32 development board Esp32 wifi Bluetooth Iot development

  • Supporting Lua program, easily to develop
  • Supporting three modes: AP, STA, and AP+STA
  • Strong function with support LWIP protocol, Freertos
  • Small volume, easily embedded to other products

The development board breaks out all the module’s pins to 0.1″ headers and gives a CP2102 USB-TTL sequential connector, programming and reset catches, and a power controller to supply the ESP32 with a stable 3.3 V. Espressif multiplied down on the CPU assets for the ESP32 with a double center, running at 160MHz and tons more sticks and peripherals.

The client may likewise control off the CPU and utilize the low-control coprocessor to always screen the peripherals for changes or intersection of limits. ESP32 coordinates a rich arrangement of peripherals, running from capacitive touch sensors, Hall sensors, low-clamor sense enhancers, SD card interface, Ethernet, rapid SDIO/SPI, UART, and I²C.

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