Polintan-agpasa Engineering Design Services

قیمت: 1,000 PHP/روزانہ دن میں/روزانہ رات میں
علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Taguig City

Polintan-Agpasa Engineering Design Services
We provide pre-planning, planning, and post-planning design for related Engineering Fields.

Structural designs of buildings, park development, housing and subdivisions, hotels, hospitals, cultural art theaters, shopping centers, schools, houses of worship, airport terminal buildings, hangars, factories, industrial plants, and community facilities. Structural Engineering is our premier of service; but, have been successful in providing services also in Architectural Design and other Engineering disciplines, such as Geotechnical, Sanitary, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Our team of experienced and responsive consultants provides a one-stop approach offering original and highly buildable design that satisfy cost and time requirements.

For Inquiries, please contact us.
mobile: 0917-650-2421
landline: 714-83393

You can also visit our website http://polintan-agpasa.com.ph

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