Top Eco-friendly Resorts in Wayanad

علاقہ/ہمسایگی: West Bay Area Doha

The olive Boutique resort enjoys the privilege of being the top-listed eco-friendly resort among the resorts in Wayanad. The olive Boutique resort uses eco-friendly measures to make the living up to the standards. The outdoor garnishes made up of bamboo and other wildwoods have been mesmerizing the visitors for the past few years. This resort occupies the space of the mountain ranges of Wayanad to capture the very essence of Wayanad. The construction of Olive Boutique resort is completely enhanced by eco-friendly materials and this resort always pays attention to the hospitality of the guests with eco-friendly gadgets. The first standard option for an amicable eco-friendly resort is thus well safe in Olive Boutique resort

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