Pole Solar Street Light


Our solar street light pole manufacturer has independently developed solar street lights for more than 10 years, and has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. The solar street light pole manufacturer has a variety of invention patents, utility model patents, appearance design patents, and products have passed ISO9001/CE/ROHS/IP66, and other related certifications.


Types Of Pole Solar Street Light


Pole Solar Street Light 01

Pole Solar Street Light 02

Pole Solar Street Light 03

Pole Solar Street Light 04


Advantage of Pole Solar Street Light

1. Integrated design of pole solar street light is more convenient and time-saving;

2. With replaceable battery box and controller box, waterproof and dustproo;

3. The service life of solar led street light with pole is long.


Features of Pole Solar Street Light

Pole solar street light is a classic model developed by our solar street light pole manufacturer in recent years. Solar led street light pole is beautiful in appearance, sturdy and durable. The majority of customers love solar street light with pole for its low cost. Solar power street light pole has better effect, easy maintenance and longer life. The solar street light price with pole is also reasonable. If you want to know more details about solar street light with pole and battery price list, please cantract us! 




Shenzhen Second Sun Lighting Limited is a professional solar power system manufacturer, we provide solar power generation system, outdoor solar lights,solar street lights for sale and etc. Want to know solar garden light price or more? Please contact us.

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