Spanish Tutor - Learn Spanish Fast in New York City

قیمت: 20 USD/گھنٹہ وار


I am Juan. As well as having experience in the language teaching field, I graduated from the University of Antioquia. I am now looking to use the knowledge gained so far in my career to further help in challenging work scope and achieve linguistic goals.
I believe I meet all the criteria needed for the role. In the course of my studies, ( Being Spanish my mother tongue) I learned English, French, and basic Hebrew. I also worked for public and private schools teaching English and French to multiple public such as children, young people, and adults.
In the last two years at Fundacion Angelitos de Luz, I worked in several positions and helped them with crucial details about internationalization. As a result, we were able to be part of CIS ( Council of International Schools and EFQM).
In addition to this experience, I also have strong administrative, communication, problem-solving, and time management skills. This broad background makes me an ideal candidate for this position and I believe I will bring flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and innovation to your company. Please read the accompanying CV which will provide you with further details.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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