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Commercial exoskeletons are wearable devices, which can be used to support strength and endurance, and to protect soldiers from stress injury. What are the requirements of the US Army Soldier Center and which companies are leading research and development in exoskeleton design. 

The exoskeleton product industry is more or less a little more than five years old into its making and there are quite a number of exoskeleton products making their way into the market. There are a number of applications for these products in a variety of industries in the business world like medical and healthcare, military and defense, production and manufacturing, etc. but one of them which will most certainly not fail to surprise and at the same time entice the business world is its various applications for the general public, the consumer and commercial market. The commercial consumer market in general is the most sought after segment in the market to conduct any kind of business activity because of its high responsive, repetitive and impressionable nature. The variations in demand and supply, the main indicators of a growing market, have the most amount of relevance in this particular segment and often corresponds and expands itself to other market segments as well, eventually. The ease in researching various market indicators and growth trends reflects an extremely relevant and impressionable nature of this segment, having a vast scope of opportunities for various business activities.


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