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Master your skills with native English speaking teachers                                    

KnowledgePond International Education and Development is specialised in English and Science studies.

We are friendly and qualified English and Science teachers. Having taught students of all ages, we adapt our teaching style for each individual, to help YOU achieve your goals.


English Lessons:

Our classes include lots of speaking practice and vocabulary, plus all the grammar, comprehension and literacy skills you need to use English with confidence. We create materials to keep you motivated and help you learn quickly and effectively.

We are patient, relaxed and easy to talk to and offer expert and challenging lessons. In our lessons, we will give you the maximum possible amount of opportunities to speak English, and of course to have an interesting and fun lesson while learning new vocabulary and grammar.

With our classes you can:
- improve your pronunciation
- increase your range of vocabulary
- improve your understanding and use of grammar
- build your confidence
- prepare for your language exam
- get ready for your job interview
- improve your English for business, workplace or university
- get tutoring for your child


Mathematics and Physics Lessons:

Math and physics are considered to be the most difficult subjects for the majority of high school students. However, more than half of all jobs today will require proof or knowledge of one of these two subjects. Nearly all university degrees cannot be obtained without a minimum grade in mathematics. Do not allow yourself or your loved ones to get left behind.

Sign up for math and physics tutoring at knowledgepond.co.uk and you will learn from an experienced tutor. New learners will receive a free tutoring session.

With our classes you can:
- prepare for high/secondary school exams (local and international)
- get pre-university preparatory courses

- get courses for vocational level Maths and Physics


We have a wealth of knowledge and learning materials we can share with you. We are committed to making you feel comfortable, relaxed and to help build your skills.

Request a trial lesson with us at wwww.knowledgepond.co.uk

Do you need further information? Contact us!
Phone / WhatsApp:  44 7394 074719

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnowledgepondLearning/


We are looking forward to learning with you.

What To Expect From our Classes
- a relaxed and fun learning environment – we teach from a classroom
- customised classes based on you and your objectives
- Out-of-class video feedback to help you progress as quickly as possible
- HD camera (it's your choice if we use video)
- Unlimited email & chat support