Clean 360 - the best cleaning solutions for all residential

方位/城镇: #Flat No: 1, Sri Lakshmi Bhavan, Sathya Sainagar, Vidyanagar, Chandragiri Road, Tirupati 517502

Clean 360 is the best cleaning solutions provider for every kind of residential, commercial, vehicles and every type of electric and electronic devices along with a special service of sanitizing procedure (disinfecting procedure) with the best anti-virus spray in and around Tirupati City.


We clean 360 gives a wide range of services for all kinds of spaces like office and house cleaning, car wash, Professional cleaning, disinfection & sanitization services, along with garden space and an extra care will be taken when cleaning windows, curtains, carpets, silver/brass utensils or things along with special service for occasional and deep cleaning services as per the client/customer's desire.


Its important to choose those who could clean the space who could clean the space according to the customer's desire and choice which is perfectly done by us - Clean 360 with many options from which the client or the customer can choose how he wants the service is to be carried out as Clean 360 carries the customization of the service beautifully.


Clean 360 has a all kinds of contacting platforms for the ease of the customers who wants to contact for their preferred style of service from the same like whatsapp, email, website and all kinds of social media platforms.