Best Portable and Fixed gas monitors in India


A Gas Detector is a device that detects the presence of any gas within an area, usually as part of a safety system. This type of single gas detector equipment is used to detect a gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. A single gas detector can also alarm operators in the area where the leak is occurring, allowing them to leave the site. A single gas detector device is important because many gases can be harmful to organic life, such as humans or animals.

Gas detectors work by passing air drawn from where mud reaches the surface (the bell halo/chime areola) through hot sensing fibers. This causes the gas to burn, raising the temperature and lowering the resistance of the fiber. At high voltage, each of the combustible gases is consumed, while at low temperatures only the lighter part is consumed. By noting the resistor settings at various voltages, the overall range of various parts can be evaluated. 
Gas chromatography can also be used to further separate the different hydrocarbon parts. A Dräger cylinder at the bottom of the device can be used to identify toxic gases, especially H2S.

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