Tri-gas Analyzer / Hydrogen Purity Gas Analyzer


Vasthi Instruments is the leading manufacturer of Hydrogen purity and Tri Gas analyzers in India. We utilize TCD sensors for accurate measurement of H2 gas levels in containers and the purging process.

Hydrogen Purity Analyzer uses sensors based on a reliable and stable thermal conductivity concept that provides high sensitivity and accurate analysis of two-phase gases. The Tri-Gas Analyzer Is Specifically Designed For Monitoring H2 Purity In The H2 Feed To A Power Generator And To Monitor The Purging Procedure During Shutdown. Portable Hydrogen Purity Analyzers (VHP-200 are intelligent gas analyzers for measuring gas based on the measurement of the thermal conductivity of the ambient gas. To compensate for the influence of temperature and humidity, these are measured separately, and a correction is made for them in the microcontroller.

About Vasthi Instruments:

Our brand name ‘VASTHI’ has proven its credibility & reliability in Process Industries, by delivering zero-flaw devices. VASTHI makes measuring & safety instruments installed at thermal power plants, petrochemicals, fertilizers, cement, refineries, Steel, and other process industries. Our company employees distinguish themselves through their strong commitment to customer service and dedication to executing their requirements. We work together with our customers to create value in the fields of industrial and social systems. We strive to develop products and solutions that best meet clients’ expectations and needs.

Vasthi Instruments’ product portfolio includes online dew point meters and portable dew point meters, dew point transmitters, and other safety and measurement tools with standard measuring parameters and options specialized for a bespoke measurement range catering to every industrial requirement. We at Vasthi Instruments take pride in providing impeccable services and safety measurement tools for our vast customer base at domestic and international industrial operations.

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