Digital Certificate Issue and Verification


LearningChain is equipped with power packed features adding true value to certificates.
LearningChain features are developed with flavours of Blockchain Technology to generate Immutable Digital Certificates for Educational Institutions, making it a Robust Product.

Single & Bulk Upload of Certificates
Every institution have their own structure of functionality, In the process of generating Blockchain powered QR codes for each certificate user has to upload the certificates in PDF format, it may be a single certificate or multiple certificates, making it more user friendly system have both options to upload the certificates either in single certificate or in bulk.

Student basic academic information has to be up filled up in both the processes which will be used later to cross verify with the details uploaded by the verifier.

Bulk upload of certificates will definitely save precious time of the staff engaged in the process keeping itself adhere to BlockChain principles. 

Tamper-Proof QR Code Generator
In Blockchain powered QR Code generation process, the system puts a unique hash value into the QR code, when the user scans the QR code to access the information or data, the system first cross-checks the hash value in the QR code. It compares the hash value of the QR code to the hash value of the BlockChain. If it matches, only then the user can access it. It makes the entire system incorruptible, immutable. The fact is once there is a hash value in the QR codes, nobody can even touch it.