ACE Logistics

ACE Logistics Latvia Ltd is a company offering freight forwarding and logistics services. ACE represents the ACE Logistics trademark that covers the entire Baltic region and Belarus.

ACE service may be summarized as a logistic solution. What this solution may contain, depends on the necessities of the client. In the case of modern transportation and logistics services, the knowledge of the provider of services for finding the best logistic solution, and the quality of services are becoming increasingly important, besides the actual transportation service. Such service is supported by a broad high-level network of sub-contractors and partners, information technology, knowledge regarding legislative and cultural peculiarities of each country, involved in the transportation process, and naturally, by employees who are eagerly doing their job.

ACE helps the clients to protect themselves from inconvenience by assisting to have full insurance of cargos.

In the case of transportation of goods, the loss of goods or decrease in their value is covered by the liability insurance of the carrier.

in air transport, the maximum of 19 SDR per kg

in road transport, the maximum of 8,33 SDR per kg

in maritime transport, the maximum of 2 SDR per kg or 666,67 SDR per unit whereas the basis for such calculation is the highest value.

In addition to the restricted rates of compensation, the responsibility of the carrier also includes damage, which has taken place due only to the faults of the carrier. The carrier is not responsible, if damage was caused by circumstances which the carrier could not avoid (e.g. robbery).

We recommend to take full carriage insurance for your goods:

if the value of your goods exceeds the given insurance value marginal rates for the liability of the carrier, and, if you want insurance also for the situation where the carrier is not responsible for the damage of goods.

This insurance covers all risks according to the stipulations of ICC (A). Insurance may be concluded for one consignment (single policy), or you can have a so named open policy for a certain period of time (e.g. a year), for the transport of all cargo during this period (an open policy). If the customer does not want to insure goods against all the risks, it is possible to have them insured on restricted conditions, against concrete risks (e.g. traffic accident, fire, theft, etc.). The insurance of cargo according to restricted insurance coverage ( and, consequently, cheaper) is carried out on the basis of clauses ICC (C) and ICC (B).

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