Prandium Ltd

方位/城镇: Ulbrokas Iela 23, Riga, Latvia, Lv 1079

We organize banquets and provide table setting services for various types and sizes for celebrations - family parties, birthdays, weddings, corporate parties and other events.
Thanks to our professional waiters and chefs, any festive event will go smoothly!
We offer a ready-made menu with wonderful snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cold and hot dishes.
Book your banquet in time! A well-planned banquet will allow us to better prepare and provide you with the best service experience, also if there is a special table setting you prefer, we can make it happen.
Professionally organized banquet service and table setting is provided both in the premises of the Riga Motor Museum cafe and "Gardumgardi" lunch restaurants, and outside them - for your convenience we offer to organize a banquet in your chosen place in Riga or outside the city.
Contact us and tell us your wishes, but we will think of everything else to make the event a success!

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