11.11 taobao promotion sales shipping service to singapore


11.11 taobao promotion sales shipping service to singapore and malaysia 

by air express and by sea lcl door to door shipping service 



The following is our price to Singapore and Malaysia  just need about 3day
Less than 11kg the first 1KG is RMB50  after is RMB35/KG
More than 11kg less than 20kg is   RMB35/KG
more than 21kg less than 45kg is   RMB33/KG
more than 45kg less than 70kg is    RMB30/KG
more than 70kg less than 100kg is   RMB27/KG
More than 100kg is   RMB17/KG  

Sensitive goods less than 11KG +RMB40/bill  ,more than 11KG+RMB4/KG  time:5day


Western Malaysia less than 5kg is RMB30/KG

the more the cheap above price is all in door to door not include the Singapore import tax.(the goods declared value more than SGD500,need to pay 7% tax)
We pick up the cargo in Guangzhou for free(one bill shipment for one address pick up )

Online shopping pls send to my warehouse first


By sea: our warehouse to  your home or office : RMB450/CBM
Time:10-12days  ,every :Wednesday and Saturday will depart

Western Malaysia RMB580/CBM(2-3week)

Eastern Malaysia: KK and KUCHING  RMB980/CBM  and other city is RMB1200/CBM

We all so can help you purchase the goods from different supplier or different shopping website. Such as we can help you to buy the goods from taobao  36obuy alibaba and collect all the goods from different seller and check that before we packing all the goods together. That is for free.

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