Upscale your business revenues quickly via moLotus

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Plenty to celebrate! New moLotus mobile technology enhances your opportunity to generate high margin revenues quickly.

moLotus is a new mobile video customer interaction platform designed and developed by Novosol - a global mobile tech company. Telcos have achieved significant breakthroughs in innovation, mobile advertising, transformation, ROI, CLVM, and ARPU in just 3 months vis moLotus!

Using this unique platform telcos and advertisers can create automated, hyper-personalized, interactive, customized, and globally scalable rich media mobile advertising campaigns delivering value to customers and stakeholders. No app, no data charges, no spam involved! They can now reach, acquire and retain more customers globally via interactive moLotus HQ videos upto 40 sec. playable on all mobile phones.

Brands and telcos have digitized and transformed their customer processes via moLotus breakthrough transformation capabilities earning high revenues at reduced costs. moLotus makes subscriber monetization, innovation and digitization easy for telcos. To know more about the benefits of moLotus connect with us.