Bottle Security Caps (no.013)

Bottle Security bottle cap is a full enclosed bottle security device. This enclosed bottle lock can effectively prevent the liquor from being stolen.


liquor bottle cap lock is with built-in RF or AM technology.So this locking bottle top can be used together with EAS security system at the entrance of the supermarket or retail to prevent theft.


Features of Bottle Security Caps (NO.013)

The Bottle Tag provides maximum anti-theft protection for wine and spirits.


Its elegant, transparent design provides a strong visual deterrent to prevent shoplifting without interfering with merchandising.


These Alarm tags are mainly used to protect wine bottle.Tags are available with either a standard strength or high-strength magnetic lock.


Specification of Bottle Security Caps (NO.013)

Model No.

Bottle Tag (No.013)




Φ53mm×80mm (Φ2.09"×3.15mm)


Black or customized


Three balls clutch, Standard/Super




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