Eas Bottle Tag

A bottle tag is a security device specifically designed to protect bottles of alcohol, wine, or other valuable liquids from theft in retail stores. These tags are used to prevent shoplifting and ensure that bottles remain secure on store shelves.



EAS bottle neck tag, EAS bottle security tags are used in retail stores to prevent theft of bottled products. These tags are attached to the bottle's neck or cap and are designed to set off an alarm if someone tries to remove the tag or leave the store with the bottle.


Utilizing electromagnetic technology, EAS bottle security tags consist of a small antenna and a tag or label containing an RFID chip. The antenna emits a signal that activates the RFID chip, prompting it to transmit a unique code back to the antenna. When a tagged bottle passes through the EAS detection system at the store exit, the system recognizes the code and triggers an alarm.


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Secure Attachment

EAS Bottle Tags are specifically designed to securely attach to bottles, ensuring that they cannot be easily removed without proper deactivation. The tags feature a locking mechanism that tightly holds the neck of the bottle, preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of theft.



Theft Deterrence

EAS Bottle Tags serve as a strong deterrent against theft. The visible presence of these tags on bottles signals to potential shoplifters that the merchandise is protected. The risk of triggering alarms and being caught discourages thieves from attempting to steal the bottles.



Alarm Triggering and Detection

Removing bottle security tags are integrated with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems installed at store exits. If a bottle with an active tag passes through the detection zone without proper deactivation, it triggers an alarm, notifying store personnel of a potential theft. This helps in identifying and preventing theft incidents in real-time.


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