Electronic Weighbridge for weighing vans and containers

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Pit or surface mounted weighbridges?
When it comes to selecting a weighbridge, one of the first big decisions is whether to go for a pit or surface mounted bridge. In many cases, the answer will be dictated not only by usage and budget, but by the site conditions.

Surface mounted weighbridges
As the name suggests, this type of weighbridge simply sits on top of the road surface. This minimises the amount of foundation work required. This design is often selected when the bridge may need to be moved, or in temporary installations. Because the weighbridge sits above the road surface on/off ramps are added to each end of the scale. This enables easy access.
Before purchasing, check the overall height of the weighbridge. Higher decks need longer ramps. This increases the overall footprint of the weighbridge as well as the turning circle for vehicles approaching the bridge. For safety, extreme-duty guide rails are bolted in place. This provides a strong and effective way of keeping vehicles centrally positioned on the bridge.

Pit mounted weighbridges
These weighbridges are installed in a pit, keeping them flush to the road surface. Because these bridges don’t require ramps, they take up less surface area. This makes them ideal for smaller areas or sites where vehicle flow might change direction. Initial civil and foundation work can make pit installation a more expensive option. However, many weighbridges can be mounted in existing pits. This reduces the need for costly foundation changes when replacing existing bridges.
Weighbridge decks
Concrete or steel? Weighbridges are available with both concrete and steel deck surfaces, both of which offer their own benefits.


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