electronic axle car scales with 240v power adaptor

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Truck Scale Accessories
We sell wheel and axle scale systems that can be paired with an array of wireless accessories, like indicators and displays, to control processes, record data and automate your truck weighing scale applications.
Commercial Truck Scales and Wheel Load Scale Applications
Accurate weighing scales Uganda expertise comes from the various scale and weighing systems we offer across different applications and industries.
Weighing Systems for Autonomous Trucks
Vehicle weights have a dramatic effect on steering, maneuverability, braking and acceleration. Weighing systems are a critical part of any autonomous vehicle development program.  

Weighing Systems for Electric Vehicles 
Accurate weight and balance data is crucial information which effects tire life, braking efficiency, safety, and regulation compliance. Our weighing systems for electric vehicles are built to provide accurate weight results and efficiencies that are ideal for research and development.

Weighing Systems for Utility Vehicles
Weight and balance procedures ensure that utility work trucks going into the field are safe for the operator and for the communities they serve. Each of our weighing systems for utility vehicles are built to provide accurate weight results and efficiencies that are ideal for weighing utility fleets.

Weighing Systems for Freight Terminals
Portable truck scales and in-ground truck scales verify declared weights and identify improperly loaded or overloaded, cargo and shipping containers for Ports, Intermodal Railroad Terminals, and Trucking Terminals. When it comes to freight commerce efficiency,Accurate weighing systems for freight terminals provide many beneficial qualities.


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Address: Wandegeya KCCA Market South Wing, 2nd Floor Room SSF 036


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